Vogue Benefit: Exclusive Loyalty Program for Travel Agents and Sales Managers by Vogue Hotels



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Vogue Benefit: Exclusive Loyalty Program for Travel Agents and Sales Managers by Vogue Hotels

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Vogue Hotels

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Bodrum / Turkey

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Vogue Benefit: Vogue Hotels' Exclusive Loyalty Programme to Motivate Travel Agents and Sales Managers
Vogue Benefit is a loyalty programme designed by Vogue Hotels specifically to motivate and reward travel agents and sales managers. This programme distinguishes itself by offering unique privileges and opportunities to professionals in the industry. Vogue Benefit offers special benefits and rewards its participants by earning points for each reported booking.

Travel agents and sales managers participating in the programme have the opportunity to earn points through the Vogue Benefit programme for every booking made at Vogue Hotels. These points are calculated at a rate determined by various factors such as hotel selection, dates of stay and room type, and provide access to the various benefits offered by the programme.

One of the most remarkable advantages of the Vogue Benefit programme is that members can redeem their accumulated points in the "Vogue Store" on the Vogue Benefit website. Here, members can redeem their points for free accommodation promotions and various other rewards. This offers members free or discounted accommodation at Vogue Hotels, making their holidays more affordable and privileged.

The Vogue Benefit programme offers a tailored approach for travel agents and sales managers, enabling these professionals to attract more customers and generate higher revenues. The programme's benefits and rewards allow travel agents to offer more attractive offers to their clients and strengthen cooperation.

Considering the flexible nature of the programme and its additional benefits, it is noteworthy that the accumulated points can be used as payment for future bookings. This allows travel agencies and sales managers to benefit from the programme on an ongoing basis, while making future planning easier and more advantageous.

In conclusion, Vogue Benefit is a valuable loyalty programme created by Vogue Hotels to reward and motivate travel agents and sales managers. By accumulating points and offering exclusive benefits, the programme supports professionals in the industry and contributes to the successful growth of Vogue Hotels. With this mutually beneficial co-operation, Vogue Benefit reinforces its leading position in the industry.


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