Online Tourism Partner offers comprehensive and innovative software services for the tourism and hospitality industry. These services are designed to meet the needs of hotel businesses and travel agencies and contribute greatly to the digitalisation process of the sector.

Hotel Software Services
Hotel & Contract Identification: Defining and managing hotels and related contracts in the system in detail.

Agency Loyalty Programme: Encouraging repeat business by increasing the loyalty of agencies.

Customer Loyalty Programme: Programmes that increase the loyalty of customers to hotels.

Hotel CRM & Call Centre: Customer relationship management and call centre services.

Hotel B2B/B2C Room Booking: Room reservations for both business and individual customers.

Hotel B2B/B2C Golf Package Reservation: Special package bookings for golf enthusiasts.

Hotel B2B/B2C Theme Park Ticket: Diversification of revenue sources of hotels with theme park ticket sales.

Agency Software Services
Agency CRM & Call Centre: Customer management and call centre services for agencies.

Agency B2B/B2C Room Booking: Room reservations offered by travel agencies to customers.

Agency B2B/B2C Golf Package Booking: Booking services for golf packages.

Paximum Integration: Integrated management of different travel services such as hotels and flights.

Tour Software: Management of various tour packages.

Transfer Software: Effective management of transfer services.

Car Rental Software: Facilitation of car hire operations.

General Software Services
Demand and Sector Specific Software: Software solutions suitable for the special needs of businesses.

Corporate Software: Software that helps companies manage their business processes.

With this variety of services, Online Tourism Partner offers innovative and effective solutions that appeal to all branches of the tourism sector. Thanks to these services, it is aimed to increase operational efficiency, diversify revenue sources and accelerate digital transformation processes.

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