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Hotel & Contract Identification

Hotel & Contract Identification
The hotel software offered as Online Tourism Partner provides a comprehensive solution to improve call centre and agency sales operations in the hospitality industry. This software allows hotels and tourism agencies to effectively manage their sales and customer management operations. It has been developed especially for B2B and B2C room sales and agency loyalty programmes.

The main purpose of the software is to combine the different needs of hotels and agencies under a single contract structure. Thanks to the flexibility of this structure, customised pricing based on market, country and currency is possible. Employees can select a date range and nationality through the system and create a quote based on a markup rate they set.

The features offered by this software are as follows:
Hotel Identification & Update: Adding hotel profiles to the system and updating existing information.

Room Defining & Updating: Defining different room types and updating their properties.

Defining Contract Price: Pricing on contract basis for rooms and services.

Closing / Opening for Sale: Closing or reopening certain rooms or services for sale in certain periods.

Defining Availability: Managing the availability of rooms.

Commission / Discount: Management of commission rates offered to agents and discounts offered to customers.

Child Policy: Defining the hotel's policies for child guests.

Market / Country Identification: Creating special sales strategies for different markets and countries.

Defining Release & Cancellation Date: Determining the last acceptance and cancellation dates of reservations.

In addition, this system allows agencies to include the contracts received from hotels into the system manually or via Excel upload. Thus, contract management processes are centralised and labour requirements are reduced. The main goal of this software is to manage hotel and agency operations in a more efficient, flexible and user-friendly way and contribute to the digital transformation in the hospitality industry.

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