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Your Reliable Partner in Digital Tourism

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Online Tourism Partner

Online Tourism Partner, under the OTP Software brand, is making a significant entry into the software industry with years of experience, focusing on transforming the tourism and hospitality sectors. Dedicated to providing innovative solutions for tourism and hotel software, Online Tourism Partner aims to bring a new perspective to the industry. With its expertise, the company aims to provide innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of corporate hotels and travel agencies.

One of the core services offered by OTP Software is the development of corporate websites for hotels and travel agencies. These websites aim to enhance the online presence of these businesses by showcasing their services and offers in an attractive, user-friendly manner. Combining state-of-the-art design and functionality, OTP Software ensures that these websites leave a lasting impression on potential customers and increase bookings.

In addition, OTP Software offers a comprehensive management panel that streamlines the operations of hotels and travel agencies. This panel facilitates direct bookings of hotels, flights, transfers and tours through seamless integration with various APIs. This integrated system enables hotels and agencies to optimise their processes, increase efficiency and provide their customers with a seamless booking experience.

The services provided by OTP Software offer numerous benefits to hotels and travel agencies. Firstly, corporate websites developed by OTP Software help businesses build a strong online presence, attract a wider customer base, and increase their revenues. These websites are designed to be responsive and optimised for search engines, ensuring maximum visibility and accessibility.

Furthermore, the comprehensive dashboard provided by OTP Software enables efficient management of inventories, bookings and customer information. Optimising operations in this way increases overall efficiency by reducing manual effort and labour.

The integration of various APIs into the system allows hotels and agencies to offer their customers a wide range of services, including hotel bookings, flight reservations, transfer arrangements and tour packages. This enhances the overall customer experience and enables businesses to meet the diverse needs of travellers.

As a result, Online Tourism Partner brings a new dimension to the tourism industry through the OTP Software brand. Focusing on innovative software solutions for hotels and travel agencies, OTP Software aims to optimise operations, improve customer experiences and stimulate growth in the industry. OTP Software is preparing to make a significant impact and become a leader in the tourism software market.

Service summaries offered by Online Tourism Partner:

1.Hotel Software Services: This category includes software solutions designed to streamline the workflow of hotels. Starting with hotel and contract identification, these services automate the contract management required by hotel businesses. Agency and customer loyalty programmes encourage repeat business by increasing loyalty. The hotel call centre is aimed at solving customer problems. B2B/B2C room reservations, golf package reservations and theme park ticket sales allow hotels to diversify their revenue sources.

2.Agency Software Services: It covers support and software solutions for travel agencies. The agency call centre responds quickly to the operational needs of agencies. B2B/B2C room and golf package bookings expand the services offered by agencies to customers. With Paximum integration, different travel services such as hotels and flights are managed on a single platform. Tour, transfer, and car hire software expands the range of services offered by agencies.

3.General Services: It takes place in a wide range in order to provide support to other businesses in the sector. Demand and sector-specific software solutions are customised to meet the specific needs of businesses. Enterprise software helps companies manage their business processes. Server and hosting services meet digital infrastructure needs. Digital advertising, SEO, social media management, graphic design and video services increase the visibility of brands in the digital world. Consultancy services help businesses make strategic decisions.

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