Agency Loyalty Programme


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Agency Loyalty Programme

Agency Loyalty Programme
Online Tourism Partner presents the Agent Loyalty Programme, an important innovation in the tourism industry. This programme is specially designed by hotels to motivate and reward travel agents and sales managers. The programme stands out by offering unique privileges and opportunities to professionals in the tourism industry.

Aims and Objectives
  • Rewarding Sales Performance: Rewarding the sales performance of agencies and encouraging them to become loyal business partners.
  • Increasing Suite & Villa Sales: Accelerating the sales of upper room categories and tracking bookings in this category.
  • Analysing Sales Performance: Determining which room types perform better in which countries and cities.
  • Operator and DMC Collaborations: Obtaining data performance on which operators and DMCs the agencies work with.
  • Tracking Booking Traffic: Tracking the bookings sent by agencies through operators.
  • Increasing Sales: Increasing sales by promoting extra points according to room type, period and markets.

B2B Loyalty Programme Details
  • Special Website Design: A user-friendly website specially designed for agencies.
  • Hotel & Room Details, Contract Prices and Points Calculation: Detailed information about hotels and rooms, prices and loyalty points calculation.
  • Agency Membership: A system that allows agencies to become a member of the programme and benefit from the advantages.
  • Agency Reservation Defining Screen: Interface designed for agencies to make their bookings easily.
  • Score Calculation by Market: Customised point calculation systems for different markets.
  • Agency Screen: A customised interface for agencies to track their own performance and scores.
  • Hotel Admin Screen: A special management panel for hotels to manage their agency performance and loyalty programme data.

Online Tourism Partner's Agent Loyalty Programme not only increases the motivation and loyalty of agents, but also allows hotels to direct their sales strategies more effectively. This programme aims to increase the overall efficiency and profitability of the tourism industry by strengthening the cooperation between agencies and hotels. With the privileges and opportunities offered by the programme, it contributes significantly to the digital transformation processes in the sector and provides a competitive advantage.

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