Tourvisio / Paximum API Integration


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Tourvisio / Paximum API Integration

Tourvisio / Paximum API Integration
Online Tourism Partner is a comprehensive and integrated solution provider that responds to the needs of business partners in the tourism industry. Known as the Global Travel Marketplace, Paximum collects the inventory of travel agencies and B2B online providers and delivers it to the buyer audience. Paximum's TourVisio automation system integration builds a strong bridge between suppliers and buyers by providing services for tour operators and downstream agencies.

Aims and Objectives of Paximum

Aiming to increase efficiency and productivity in the tourism sector, Paximum offers significant advantages in the areas required by its business partners:

It saves personnel and overtime costs by automating agreements with hotels and contract definition processes.
Provides wide access to all airlines and hotels for hotel and flight bookings.
Opening a sub-agency account via API connection is free of charge and provides easy and effective inventory management.
It has an SEO compatible structure with content and visual definitions via flexible extranet.
It offers original design and software infrastructure with customised software solutions.
It can sell additional services such as theme park entrance tickets through the call centre.
It provides a secure and fast payment infrastructure with virtual pos integration.

Solutions Offered by Paximum Global Api

Paximum Global Api offers innovative solutions to the tourism industry with the following features:

Management Panel: Hotel and flight inventory management through a user-friendly interface.
Wide Hotel Network: 1 million+ hotel options in 95,000 locations worldwide.
Extensive Flight Network: Wide range of flight options through 700+ airlines and 30+ flight providers.
Tour and Transfer Services: A wide range of services with the agency's own products and local transfer companies.
Dynamic Packages: Creation of flexible and specialised packages in accordance with customer needs.
Car Hire: A wide range of car hire services thanks to Passenger 360 integration.
Golf Packages: Golf packages with hotels and flights integrated with Tourvisio.
Voucher and Online Payment: Voucher system with easy and secure payment options.
Detailed Reporting: Reporting tools that help businesses analyse their performance and develop strategies.

Advantages we offer with Tourvisio / Paximum API Integration
Thanks to Tourvisio and Paximum API integrations, we offer tour operators and sales agents a competitive advantage by providing the best prices and services worldwide. These integrations are ideal for businesses looking for fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions in the travel industry. As an Online Tourism Partner, we enable our customers to grow their business in a mutually beneficial environment and stand out in the global market.

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