VST Tour / Bedboxx and Online Tourism Partner: Innovative B2C Solutions in the Tourism Sector



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VST Tour / Bedboxx and Online Tourism Partner: Innovative B2C Solutions in the Tourism Sector

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Vst Tour

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Antalya / Turkey

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Project Description

VST Tour, as a company looking for innovative solutions in the tourism sector, has collaborated with Online Tourism Partner for its B2C software needs. Within the scope of this partnership, bedboxx.com platform started to use Online Tourism Partner's advanced B2C software solutions. This co-operation aims to provide customers with a more effective and efficient booking experience. This development is considered as an important step in the digital transformation journey of both companies in the tourism industry.

Bedboxx is the B2C system of Antalya-based travel agency VST Tour. Equipped with Paximum integration, this platform offers customers comprehensive travel services in the form of hotel, flight and hotel + flight combinations. This innovative and user-friendly project was designed and developed by Online Tourism Partner (OTP).

Features of the Bedboxx System:

Wide Range of Services:
It integrates with various hotels and airlines around the world, offering a wide network of hotels and flights.
It provides customers with hotel and flight packages at affordable prices, as well as hotel + flight combinations.

User Friendly Interface:
An easy and straightforward user interface allows customers to book quickly and effectively.
Mobile compatibility guarantees convenient access from any device.

Personalised Experiences:
Provides customised offers based on customer preferences and past bookings.
Dynamic packaging features allow customers to create their own travel plans.

Secure Payment Options:
Multiple payment methods and secure payment infrastructure enable users to make secure transactions.
Payment options are available in different currencies.

24/7 Customer Support:
Users are provided with continuous customer support for any questions or problems.
Multilingual support appeals to a global user base.

Paximum Integration:
Thanks to Paximum integration, services are offered at current and competitive prices.
Bedboxx not only offers VST Tour's customers a booking platform, but also provides a comprehensive and personalised travel experience. OTP's development of this project aims to meet the needs and expectations of users at the highest level while increasing VST Tour's competitive advantage in the travel sector.


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