Kirman Loyalty: Exclusive Loyalty Program for Travel Agents and Sales Managers by Kirman Hotels



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Kirman Loyalty: Exclusive Loyalty Program for Travel Agents and Sales Managers by Kirman Hotels

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Kirman Hotels

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Antalya / Turkey

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Kirman Loyalty: Kirman Hotels' Loyalty Programme for Travel Agents and Sales Managers
Kirman Loyalty is a loyalty programme specially developed by Kirman Hotels to motivate and reward travel agents and sales managers. This programme stands out with unique privileges and opportunities offered to professionals in the industry. Kirman Loyalty offers special advantages to its participants and makes them feel valuable by earning points for each reservation made.

Key Features and Advantages of the Programme:
Points Earning System: Travel agencies and sales managers earn points through the Kirman Loyalty programme for each reservation made at Kirman Hotels. These points are determined according to factors such as hotel selection, accommodation dates and room type.
Flexible Points Usage: Members can redeem their accumulated points at the "Kirman Store" on the Kirman Loyalty website. Here, points can be redeemed for free accommodation, discounts and other rewards.
Special Offers and Promotions: The programme offers its members free or discounted accommodation at Kirman Hotels, making their holidays more affordable and privileged.
Professional Motivation and Income Increase: The programme helps travel agents and sales managers to attract more customers and increase their revenues. It also strengthens co-operation by enabling them to present more attractive offers to customers.
Flexibility and Continuous Benefit: Accumulated points can be used as payment for future bookings, which encourages continuous use of the programme.

Impact of the Programme:
Kirman Loyalty is designed for travel agents and sales managers, with a special focus on the needs and expectations of these groups. By collecting points and offering various benefits, the programme supports professionals in the industry and contributes to the expansion of Kirman Hotels' customer base. With this mutually beneficial cooperation, Kirman Loyalty strengthens its competitive position in the travel industry and helps to maintain its leadership in the sector.


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