Ethno Hotel and Online Tourism Partner Collaboration: Redefining Loyalty Programs



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Ethno Hotel and Online Tourism Partner Collaboration: Redefining Loyalty Programs

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Ethno Hotel

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Antalya / Turkey

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Ethno Hotel has added a new one to its innovative steps in the sector in order to further strengthen guest satisfaction and agency collaborations. In this context, Ethno Hotel has established a strategic partnership with a leading online tourism partner to take its agency and customer loyalty programmes to a new dimension and increase the effectiveness of these programmes. This cooperation aims to reinforce the loyalty of both customers and travel agents with Ethno Hotel and increase their motivation.

Role and Innovations of the Online Tourism Partner:
The selected online tourism partner aims to modernise the digital infrastructure of Ethno Hotel's loyalty programmes, providing participants with a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. Thanks to this innovation, programme participants will be able to make reservations more efficiently, check earned points instantly and claim their rewards easily.

Technological Integration and Expanding Member Base:
This strategic partnership also includes the integration of Ethno Hotel's loyalty programmes with the online tourism partner's extensive user network. This integration allows for the expansion of the loyalty programme's member base, while increasing the promotion and visibility of Ethno Hotel. Travel agents and customers thus have access to a platform that offers a wider range of options and simplifies the booking process.

Increased Motivation and Loyalty:
This co-operation between Ethno Hotel and the selected online tourism partner contributes to the goal of increasing loyalty and motivation. The innovative solutions and advanced technologies offered strengthen the loyalty of both travel agents and customers to Ethno Hotel. Participants in the programme are more inclined to choose Ethno Hotel with the opportunity to earn more points with each booking and access attractive rewards.

This strategic partnership with Ethno Hotel's online tourism partner is an important step in strengthening agency and customer loyalty programmes. This co-operation once again demonstrates Ethno Hotel's innovative steps in the industry and its unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction. At the same time, it aims to create a more valuable and rewarding experience for travel agents and customers, thus further consolidating Ethno Hotel's position in the market.


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