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Online Tourism Partner looking at tourism journalism from a different perspective; is a digital agency that objectively shares tourism news, travel routes and recommended hotels.

We guide travel lovers and give short advices while introducing natural, historical and touristic beauties, travel routes and recommended hotels of Turkey, Cyprus and many other countries from around the world with our infrastructure compatible to Online technology.

In addition to being the voice of sector representatives of agencies, hotels, airline companies, restaurants and cafes, we also play an active role in the promotion and marketing of the latest products which are being offered to travel lovers.

As Online Tourism Partner, our aim is to provide online travel solutions to our B2B customers and to provide tourism softwares for hotels - agencies. For this purpose, our Antalya-based company is not only a local company, but also operates in Europe with our company ,which is developing in digitally, established in Estonia.

Apart from these services; We provide consultancy services to hotels and agencies with our expert staff in the fields of seo, digital advertising, customer satisfaction, content production.

With the Booking2Cyprus North Cyprus market-based reservation system, which we run as Online Tourism Partner, we offer online reservation opportunity for all countries with our more than 100 hotel options. 

We keep the pulse of the industry with our online Tourism Partner corporate, news and travel portal project.

We continue to grow in the sector with our ongoing projects. We will begin our airport-hotel transfer service with Booking2Transfer, which we will launch shortly. 

We will be launching our B2C website Booking2Luxury which we will promote and sale only luxury segment Turkey and Northern Cyprus Hotels' suite rooms and villas.

Our company constantly improves itself to provide the most creative and innovative products and services to its customers and prioritizes customer satisfaction in this field.

Online Tourism Partner
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